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Rivers of Russia - the horizons of growth!

   The development of inland water transport in the Russian Federation is an important task to improve the efficiency of the entire transport industry. Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Congress of the Union of transport workers of Russia on March 5, 2018 identified the priority development of the river infrastructure of Russia as a key task of the industry.

   The government of the Russian Federation approved the "Strategy for the development of inland water transport until 2030" (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 29 February 2016 № 327-p).

   Subject to the foregoing, the Maritime Collegium under the Government of the Russian Federation (Protocol № 1(29) dated April 28, 2018) was adopted the decision on holding of the International forum "Expo Riverport 2019".

   The forum "Riverport Expo 2019" is a unique platform for the presentation of the investment and economic potential of Russia, aimed at the development of the inland waterway system, the creation of a single economic space, the formation and development of the port network and the acceleration of the introduction of modern technologies in the activities of Russian river ports. There will be a Plenary session, panel discussions, round tables.

   The international exhibition of technological solutions with the participation of the largest foreign corporations and Russian companies will be held within the framework of the forum "Riverport Expo 2019".

   The international forum "Riverport Expo 2019" will be attended by leaders and top managers of leading industry corporations, unions of producers and associations, investment funds and leading banks of the country, entrepreneurs and businessmen from Russia, the EAEU and foreign countries, who possess modern technologies and business solutions for the development of river ports and waterways of Russia

The port development project by the example of the port of Korsakov

Business Navigator on the rivers of the Russian Federation

Participation in the international forum and exhibition "Riverport Expo" is an opportunity for a direct dialogue with representatives of government agencies, leading Russian and foreign corporations, company managers, which will provide maximum results in the promotion of modern technologies, equipment and products on the Russian market.


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